My Word of the Year {2013}

For a few weeks now I’ve been thinking and praying about what my word for 2013 should be. I’ve had it narrowed down to a couple for a week or so……

You can read about my Word of the Year for 2012 here.

I’m definitely a goal-setting person…so I always have a list of goals in different areas of my life that I would like to reach; but I don’t ever set New Year’s resolutions. I usually pick a word that I think would be a great word to focus on throughout the year as I go about working toward those goals that have been set. Personal goals, business goals, spiritual goals, DIY goals, financial goals, family goals, etc.

My word this year is Regroup.

word of the year

Yes, I know …. it is not very exciting. I think that’s why I kept looking for another word. But I was looking at it all wrong. It sounded like a dud….but every time I went to pray about my word for the year, that’s the one that kept coming to me. I have to be honest….I said ‘ugh’. The other word that I really wanted was ‘Expectant’….now THAT’S a fun word!

But then I gained a new perspective. Handsome and I are being led to make some changes…some big and some small. I’ve owned a couple of large, nationwide businesses for many years…..and we are closing one down this year. It’s not the direction we are supposed to go in…..the Lord has something different for us. It’s time to close that chapter and take that time, effort, and the resources that were being poured into that venture into something better. {We don’t actually know what the heck the ‘better’ is…but that’s what we’ve been told, and so we’re going with it.}

In order to make those changes we need to REGROUP. Regroup priorities, thoughts, ideas, directions, goals…..lots of areas need to be regrouped to make way for those changes.

Actually….we need to REGROUP, so we can stand EXPECTANT. That excites me. If I’m regrouping in order to be able to be expectant…well, then, that elevates REGROUP from a dud to a launching pad of excitement and expectancy.

Webster defines REGROUP as:

1. to reorganize for renewed activity {oooooo, I like this one!}

2. to alter the tactical formation

3. to stop and think, to reorganize

4. to stop for a short time and prepare yourself {be expectant!}

So, that’s what we’ve been doing around here the past week or so….beginning to regroup. I’m excited. I’m going to take my word from last year “Intentional” and make sure to pair it with my word for this year……make sure that I intentionally regroup as we go about our year.

The winds are a-changin’ and I think I like it. 🙂

Anyone else have a word for 2013?

Happy Monday, Friends~


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Burning the Year…… {2012}

For as long as I can remember I have had a special tradition on New Year’s Eve each year.

year of calendar pages

I sit down and look back over the past 12 months, reading what happened or was scheduled on each day…..and then I make a great fire in the fireplace and burn the pages of my calendar/planner a few hours before midnight.

burning the year

For years I had those big day timer-type planners….you know, they weighed, like, 20 pounds!? But several years ago I switched over to a digital version that syncs with all our devices. It was hard for me to do…I had this weird feeling that cyberspace was going to eat my important reminders, or they were going to fall into some kind of black hole. But, once I got used to it….I loved it. So, now, I print out the past year on December 31st….so I will have pages to burn.

It’s a great way to say “It is finished!”…. some years I would have gladly burned in August; and some years I hated to burn because they had been so spectacular…I wanted to hold onto them a little longer.  By looking over the happenings of the the past 12 months I am reminded of prayers that were answered, accomplishments, celebrations that were had, disappointments that were overcome or redeemed…and prayers that need to continue into the next year.

There have been years that I would sit on New Year’s Eve and think, “Oh, no….another one! You mean I have to do it again?” {Meaning get through another year!} Most years, though, I am so excited to start fresh….a new horizon, new opportunities await, a blank slate for new adventures…..

I have to admit that the past several years have been more of the “Oh no! Here we go again! Lord, help me…..” feeling. But, this year…..I’m back to being excited. I think the best is yet to come and 2013 holds many new things headed our way. I’ve also heard God whisper the past several days….. ‘I’m doing a new thing, Daune….’ That’s exciting! It has me in suspense, watchful, eager to see His plans unfold. I’m feeling that maybe I’m being given a new song…………we’ll see!

Does anyone else choose a word of the year? I’m still working on mine for 2013…I’ve got it narrowed down to a few. You can read about my word for 2012 here. I don’t make resolutions for the new year; but I do pick a word that I feel is something that I should focus on throughout the year. {You can read about my word of the year for 2013 here.}

How are you feeling about the new year? “Oh no!” or “Oh, yes!” I’d love to pray for you in this new year. You can leave any requests in the comments….or, if you’d rather, feel free to send them to me by email: cottageintheoaks [at] me [dot] com

What’s on your heart for the New Year??

By the fireplace~


2012 Here We Come….

Whew!  It looks like the Christmas Bomb went off at our house!

Been cleaning up Christmas all day…now to pack it away.

{Wanna come help?}

While piling everything up I’ve been contemplating the past…..

and anticipating the future.

Love this quote for the New Year…done in this artwork by Katie Daisy:

I hope you all have fun ringing in a fresh start!

Here’s to new adventures…..