Here’s the Story {Christmas Card 2012}

We always have fun with our Christmas cards…..and I wanted to personally send each and every one of you our card this Christmas! Many people ask us about our cards in the past and can they have one….we’ve put them all in one place on the blog….all of our cards through the years. If you would like to see/read them just click the button at the end of the post. I hope each and every one of you are having a wonderful Christmas season!


Pitman Bunch Polaroid pic

Here’s the story, of a ballerina

Who was looking for a family to write Christmas cards

When she saw a handsome boy on stage in rehearsal

That’s where it got its start.


Here’s the story of a boy named Pitman

Who was looking for a ballerina all his own

He felt sorry for her, she couldn’t write lyrics

So on her finger he put a stone.


Then one day the ballerina married this boy

And they knew that it was much more than a hunch

That the two of them would somehow start a family

That’s the way they all became the Pitman Bunch.

The Pitman Bunch…that’s the way they all became the Pitman Bunch!

(duh, duh, de, duh, duh-duuuuuuuuuhhh, de duh)

A bunch: a connected group, a cluster, many acting as one

Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em – you know the Brady Bunch. They’re a team – they stick with each other even when someone breaks the vase or acts like a dork. They get to the bottom of things and celebrate everyone. Every situation has a happy ending. They are a bunch—a connected group.

Sometimes we feel like a bunch of nuts. Or a bunch of fun. Or maybe even a bunch of malarkey. But, we’re actually a bunch of people that love each other deeply – broken vases and all.


among your bunch. Our story shapes us. Through our pains and successes we can become bitter or better. Closed or open. More ignorant or more aware. We can be more aware of the gifts that surround us each and every day. Or not. Our family, our bunch, is a great place to grow strong and great character—–grown through hardship, breaking vases, sometimes acting dorky – and having your bunch there to hold you accountable, see you through, and then celebrate.

We are constantly surrounded by so much buzz, gloss, and hype that we can easily slide into allowing our successes, security, and abundance lead to a type of numbing predictability. Paralyzing indifference comes from being too comfortable. But Jesus doesn’t give proper Hollywood, comfortable Brady Bunch endings to stories. He puts us in just the right bunch – the one we need to shape our stories into purposeful adventures. The one that will nurture and grow strong, great character.

There is a legend of an artist who had discovered the secret to a color of red that no other artist could imitate. He never shared his secret, but when he died a large wound was found over his heart. The moral? No great achievement…or anything of great value can be accomplished without the cost of heart’s blood.

Our bunch may not be famous like the Brady one – but when all is said and done we hope to look back and see that heart’s blood was shed and great character formed in our bunch.

This season our bunch is celebrating that first Christmas when we were sent a Savior – right into our bunch. It cost God heart’s blood.

A Christmas red that cannot be imitated.

From our bunch to yours……….

Merry, Merry~

The Pitmans

(©Daune Pitman, 2012)

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Creating A Masterpiece….{2011}

Creating A Masterpiece…{2011}

            Creating. Our need to do it equals our need for oxygen. Raising a family is a journey toward a masterpiece. We don’t have babies anymore.  We’ve entered a season of “We only have a limited amount of time left!”….as if children have an expiration date? Have we missed anything? Do they know ________? Do they know how to ________when ___________happens? Well, regardless of age or place—Miller, Michal, & Sage will always be our babies—Just as we know we are still seen by our parents as their babies. {Babies with crow’s feet and aching joints-nevertheless!}

Our family is our masterpiece. And, no, there is no expiration date. A masterpiece is never finished. Creating makes a mess. Whether it is painting, sculpting, composing music, or raising a family. You can’t create without waste and mess—an artist must stay true to what they are creating—even through the mess. An artist wastes nothing. Mozart sweated, slaved, and died young giving birth to all that music. He poured himself out. Art is undiluted hope.

We’ve always told our children to live as if you are a masterpiece—not a machine. Adding colors and taking them away are all part of making you the masterpiece you were meant to be. Great artists know that sometimes it’s more important to know what to take away, than just what to add. Removing the clutter and excess—to find what’s been in there the whole time. There’s a beautiful art in knowing what to take away—and it’s a lifetime process.

We are in a stage that we are beginning to see the artwork take shape….the masterpiece emerging. Sharp edges are being chiseled and blurred, colors are being added and taken away. Nothing is being wasted—and the mess is being used.

As we walk this artful journey toward becoming the masterpiece—we know that in the end every disaster, tiny error, wrong turn, every fragment of discarded clay, all the blood, sweat, and tears—EVERYTHING has meaning in the masterpiece. The Artist gives it meaning. He reuses, reshapes, and recasts all that goes wrong so that in the end nothing is wasted…nothing is without significance. Nothing ceases to be precious in the hands of the Artist.

2000 years ago a masterpiece was sent to earth—undiluted hope. True art. An unsurpassed gift. The Artist poured Himself out. Nothing was spared. Nothing was wasted. Christmas.

Celebrating the season of UNDILUTED HOPE……

Merry, Merry~

The Epic Journey Continues….{2010}

The Epic Journey Continues………..{2010}

         Jesus Said:  “Take A Hike!”  He wants us to travel light, stay on the trail, and be grateful for what he puts before us on the journey.  SO, carry your own pack, no shortcuts, no hitch hiking, don’t whine about the bugs or the weather, and remember to thank Him after you walk through poison ivy—and that grunt you just heard is too deep and loud to be a chipmunk.  (Paraphrase of Mark 6:7-9)

Many of you have hiked with us from the beginning—following our Epic Journey and enduring our yearly ramblings and musings.  Some of you have joined us somewhere in the middle, and some just this year.  It all started with Mistletoe (mistletoe can really get things started, you know!), Honeymooning in Vermont, Front Porch With New Baby & New Home, Christmas Surprise Box, GOT MILK?, Hanging out in the Wheelbarrow, Train Tracks, Pitman Live Nativity (w/ a very hungry Baby Jesus and a goat eating the angel’s wings..), Our Circle, “Just Us”, Christmas PJ’s, Road Less Travelled, Narnia/Lord of the Rings, Waiting, Collage, The Perfect Family, & Once Upon A Time……SO, Our journey and stories continue in 2010!  It’s always good to chronicle where you’ve been.  Take before/after pictures—they form a trail.  Where you’ve been always looks different when you turn around.  They serve as a marker of where you came from and a trailhead for where you are headed.

Raising a family is a hike—sometimes filled with sheer cliffs, jagged rocks, & aching muscles—but the scenery is always worth it!  When there’s no path-you blaze one (getting cuts, scrapes, & blisters).  When there’s a meadow you stop, have a picnic, and celebrate.  As the trail guides for the 3 coming behind us, we’ve learned to blaze trails, avoid lurking dangers, pack light, climb rocks, and choose good equipment.  We’ve also experienced sprains, stitches, strange rashes, and loss of direction.  Upon those times of being lost in the woods we’ve learned that looking up is the first thing you do to regain footing and direction.  In the day we have the sun—and at night the stars and moon as guide points to show us the way.  There’s always a light—even in darkness—as long as we LOOK UP.  Sometimes in order to see a shooting star you have to spend a lot of dark nights looking up. Wonder how the story would have been different if the wise men had looked down or only at their surroundings?

We love the night sky—quiet, peaceful—always seeming to be sending the message that all is well.  We heard a great story not long ago—-a three-year-old was standing in front of a large window, watching it rain.  He started saying “STARS, STARS, STARS”.  When his mother was asked why he kept repeating ‘stars, stars, stars’ she said that when raindrops hit the ground for a split second they look like a star.  HHMMMMMM—interesting way to look at it.  RAINDROPS—usually paralleled with disappointment, wash outs, missed expectations, cancelled plans—compared to a STAR-the very thing that lead to a savior.

This Christmas and coming year MAY YOU SEE DROPS AS STARS……..

(© Daune Pitman, 2010)

Merry Wishes~

A Real Life Fairy Tale {2009}

A Real-Life Fairy Tale…..{2009}

            Once Upon A Time a ballerina lost her dance partner and the ballet master replaced him with a new partner……….Life really is a fairy tale, Disney only gives us the overview and leaves out the important details.  For years we danced fairy tales onstage – and lived some offstage:  Romeo & Juliet, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker……..(quite powerful stories if you take the time to notice.)  Our tale started with Moonlight Waltz—and now our tale is more like a cross between Cirque de Soleil and Rodeo!  As we all know in fairy tales:  the boy always gets the girl, the prince always comes, the princess is always beautiful, ‘nick-of-time’ is always of the essence, there’s always an evil one trying to spoil everything, and truth and good always win.  These are true in real-life fairy tales, as well—it just doesn’t happen in 90 minutes—more like 70-80 years!  About 14 years ago the lighting designer took away our spotlight and replaced it with a flood—adding three more characters to our tale.  As the cast of our tale grew “Costumes are ready in wardrobe!” was replaced with “Here’s some more towels for you guys to leave wet and rotting on the floor!”  After all, the spotlight gets lonely and when the stage is flooded with light you have many to back you up—and even more interestingly:  more than one story going on.  Dorothy really was right on:  there’s no place like home, and as we make our own daily journey through life–dodging the occasional wicked witch along the way—it’s comforting to know that a cozy bed, loving arms, and munchkins await just over the threshold. J  Over the years we have traded traveling to adventurous places and daily applause for numerous trips to the grocery store and the sound of daily, wondrous laughter and cuddles.  You see, a real fairy tale always evolves and gets better along the way—even amidst the villainous attacks!

We are all living a real-life fairy tale—Happily Ever After is a process–not an end unto itself.  The attacks of the villain last longer and at times cause more damage—and waiting for help takes more than a turn of a page.  We’ve fought the ‘evil ones’ and have the privilege of teaching a prince and two princesses to do the same as they move into their own tales—choosing their kingdoms in which to live and battles in which to fight.

We noticed something on a recent trip to the hospital—real-life fairy tales are not acted out on a stage.  As we walked down the long, broad hallway we saw many tales being lived out.  On this same hallway were parents headed to the door marked ‘Morgue’ to identify a son that had been in a car accident.  Their Happily Ever After was not what they planned and the villain seemed to be winning.  On this same hallway were grandparents headed to the door marked ‘Nursery’ to see their brand new granddaughter that had just been born.  Their Happily Ever After was more than expected and they were enjoying being at the castle.  There were those going through doors to have tests—hoping against all odds that they could keep their Happily Ever After on track with the original plan.  And there were those on the hallway there to encourage and back-up those fighting—and celebrate with those celebrating.  That grand hallway is the stage of real-life fairy tales.  We are all on it.  The doors in which we must go through create our own tale.  Sometimes it is more than we ever dreamed and sometimes worse than we ever imagined.  Your tale is unique, and will include many doors along the journey.

In a fairy tale the villain is relentless and in constant pursuit—but good always wins and triumphs in the end.  That is the true celebration of Christmas.   And no matter how much your tale evolves—there’s always a bit of the ‘Once Upon A Time….’ that stays with you always—to help you through the journey and remind you why you keep going.  We have no idea what could be around the corner—in Act MMCLVVXXIII—SO, whether you are currently enjoying your castle or facing the Dark Knight, take a moment to remember your “Once Upon A Time…….”.  We wish you a wonderful Christmas filled with great memories to add to your own Pretty Mostly Happily Ever After tale!  Once Upon A Time a baby was born in Bethlehem……………..

(© Daune Pitman, 2009)


The Perfect Family {2008}

The Perfect Family {2008}

This year we wanted to try to send the typical American Family Christmas Letter.  Let’s see…………..

Greetings to you all!  It has been another perfect year for us, The Perfect Family.  Keith is doing so well at work that he receives daily promotions.  He became Grand PoohBah of The Loyal Order of Water Buffalo this fall.  Daune, once again, has received blue ribbons for everything that she has cooked.  Greeting the kids each day after school with home baked, warm cookies from the oven along with fresh milk is her joy.  She and the kids sit for hours enjoying deep conversations about every detail of their days.  Miller, at the tender age of 13, received a full scholarship to Yale and has been asked to join the 2012 Olympic Swimming Team—even though he has only trained for 6 months competitively.  We are so proud.  Michal has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  We know, hard to believe—only 11 years old!  It is a world first!  Sage has now mastered yet another language.  This will be her 7th language spoken fluently.  Since beginning to read at the age of 2 months there has been no stopping her!  We continue to receive “Yard of the Month”, as we have for the past 15 years.  We can only wish that your year has been as perfect as ours.  If it hasn’t, we are sure that you wish you were us:  The Perfect Family!

OK, OK, we tried it—-and it just doesn’t fit! <a lot like Daune’s wig!>  Besides, we only send cards to people that really know us-we’ll never get away with it.  So, we will just come to you authentically us—without the masks.  We read an article that described The Perfect Family and it listed these important attributes:  1)  Perfect Families are made up of parents who don’t disagree or quarrel. <huh?>  2)  Siblings in Perfect Families are always cooperative with their parents and willing to help each other. <We are rolling on the floor laughing.>  3)  Perfect Families are harmonious and without conflict. <Rolling out the door laughing>  and 4)   In Perfect Families parents have total control over their children, including everything they do. <Would you like to roll on the floor and laugh with us?>  In our home hangs a sign that reads: “ In this Home –  We do second chances.  We do grace.  We do real.  We do mistakes.  We do I’m sorrys.   We do LOUD really well.  We do hugs.  We do family.  We do love.”

This year we have set off on several new adventures.  Our family now has a teenager – low grunts, ‘I don’t know’, and ‘Nothin’ DO constitute deep conversation some days.  We also have a preteen girl – adding tears, giggles, and daily life altering circumstances to those deep conversations.  Miller is now taller than Mom.  He began swimming competitively this year—and at age 13 and size 12 feet we refer to him as “Phelpish”.  He is doing super in his first year of home school and is a pleasure to teach—lots of fun!

Michal can be seen at any given time in the yard clad in a princess crown, snow boots, pistol, and holster – accompanied by her CD player.  (By wearing all these items at once it enables her to switch characters more quickly.)  We’ve had to clean out her room because upon waking one day she felt that there were too many things that were “babyish”.  <parental sigh!>  She continues to keep us balanced and teaches us new things each day about ourselves and what is really important in life.   She has an amazing heart.

Sage continues to take the world by storm.  She writes prolifically and loves and protects anything living.  (We are not even permitted to kill bugs in her presence.)  She’s working on a novel and we try to be very careful so we don’t end up in it!   She feels that the only thing missing in life is naturally curly hair.  Her spirit and enthusiasm are contagious—we love it! <However, we are considering prescription strength vitamins for us.>

So, even though Donna Reed, Ward Cleaver, Beaver, or Marcia Brady don’t live here—-we feel our family is just perfect for us.  And, even though we occasionally have a weed or two in the garden, ground the kids for life when they misbehave, siblings argue (on purpose) with siblings, throw the occasional fit, and lock ourselves in the bathroom while yelling “Don’t come near the door unless there is blood—and paper cuts DON’T COUNT!”  we would rather BE than to SEEM.  Iron sharpens iron, right?  So, that means anyone who hangs around in an Imperfect Family will end up a super, razor-sharp instrument!    There’s hope for us all!  What an adventure.  Whew!

We are wishing you this Christmas a season TO BE rather than TO SEEM——so take off any masks and have………………………..


(© Daune Pitman, 2008)

Only a few more years to go….and we’re all caught up! 🙂


Nevertheless……In the Midst…….. {2007}

All good stories include “nevertheless….in the midst”—-in fact, they are by far the most powerful parts of the story.  Nevertheless, in the midst of it all GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING even when it doesn’t appear to be so. The world we live in would ike for us to ignore and dismiss the nevertheless….in the midst, and spend more time concentrating on the hurry, scurry, our disappointments and mistakes, all that is wrong in the world and with ourselves—all the many woulda, coulda, shouldas that we can all tack onto ourselves; but when we do that we miss the most powerful part of our story! This year we have purposed to look back on 2007 and concentrate on our many nevertheless…in the midst moments and experiences. In the midst of it all during 2007 these are the things we will focus and hold fondly:  Mitford Days in Blowing Rock and meeting new friends, kayaking around the tall ships, being an anchor on CNN, Disney, cherished times in the mountains, Michal’s double-digit birthday trip to NYC with Mom, ears pierced in Herald Square, special prayers offered up at Ground Zero, the discovery of old-fashioned cap guns, nights around the fire pit with friends, flashlight tag, hiking our favorite part of the Appalachian Trail, swim team victories, evenings at Ben & Jerry’s discovering new Cinnamon Bun ice cream, sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, white chocolate mocha coffee talks, Cape May-our favorite beach, loading up on candy by the pound at Morrow’s, riding bikes and discovering hills to sail down, seeing the sunrise from above in an airplane, Sage learning to blow bubbles with gum, baby falcons being born in our neighborhood and watching them learn to hunt (in our far! yikes!), Miller performing with the orchestra, Red Top Mountain retreat, the nice family that let us borrow their sleds when we forgot ours in the mountains, eating cold pizza and Izzes while dangling our feet over Johns River Gorge, Young Life Family Camp,…….We could go on and on, as you could, too. So, this Christmas season and as you look ahead to the coming year, purpose in your heart  to sit down and concentrate on all of your nevertheless… the midst moments—–we know that you will find many.  They are always waiting to be recognized – the most powerful parts of your story.  Nevertheless….in the midst good things are happening!

(© Daune Pitman, 2007)

Life Lessons The Pitmans have learned in the midst of 2007: (most from the kids!)

Songbirds learn their songs in the darkest hours of the night. Sage’s life philosophy: Play hard, laugh hard, and leave the worries to your father. If the flowers you draw don’t look like anyone else’s, that’s good.  You can make chores more fun by telling everyone you are Cinderella. Some weeks you really need a Saturday on a Wednesday. You can either keep pedaling, get off the bike, or fall over. You think your backpack is heaviest until you pick up someone else’s by mistake. You can’t stop the sled halfway down the hill. Look at the footprints you’ve made.  Ask for sprinkles. Open your eyes under water. When you’re being dragged, let go of the leash. Sometimes when you are first, you get stuck holding the door for everyone else. A tiny hole can empty a great, big bucket. If you want to get carried…fall asleep in the back of the car. A penny saved, is not much. The harder the wind blows, the higher your kite flies. Using words you don’t understand can be embarrassing. Know what you like. If you want to see a shooting star you might have to spend a lot of nights looking up. Nobody can pedal the bike for you. If it smells bad, it probably tastes that way, too. Sometimes you have to take the test before you are finished studying. Getting lost teaches you how to read a map. Usually you learn your lesson, but you don’t always remember it. A weed is a flower whose virtues haven’t been discovered yet. You’re more likely to get lost in the dark. Every castle has a dungeon. It’s easier to climb a tree that leans. Everything looks different through tears. Don’t be so afraid of losing your Frisbee that you don’t ever throw it.

Merry, Merry~

The Cards {2005, 2006}

We are making our way to the finish line…with listing all of our cards through the years.

Here’s the next two years….

The Lamppost {2005}

Centuries ago uncharted and unexplored territory on maps were often marked with the phrase “Here be dragons”.  The holiday season brings with it the beginning of a new year and all the expectancy and dread that comes with it. What will be the dragons of 2006?  Will we be able to deal with them or will we be overcome?

Just as Aragorn & Arwen of Lord of the Rings and Lucy, Susan, & Peter of  Narnia – we are not passive passengers on some predetermined course; but adventurous explorers sent on a critically important mission. We each have been given gifts that will help make this a better world. We can’t choose the gifts we receive; only how we will use them – or better yet, IF we will use them. We were meant to open doors – you never know which one may lead to the lamppost; taking you on an adventure like you’ve never experienced before!

Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia are our family’s favorite stories.  We loved them growing up and have now passed that love to Miller, Michal, and Sage.  Here in our shire we are enjoying the adventure of watching our own Peter, Susan, & Lucy open doors and discover their gifts and talents; and how to use them to make a difference in this world–helping to turn winter into spring, if you will. 🙂 Our Peter, The Magnificent, is the ever-present leader-planning carefully how he will use his gifts. Our Susan, The Gentle, has fun with her gifts and shares them with anyone who may need them. Our Lucy, The Valiant, stands ready and has enough faith for all the rest of us—dragon? <yawn> No problem!

So, don’t just sit in the study, go ahead and open the door to 2006 – dragons or not, know that your Provider has given you all that you will need for the adventure…………

Is that a lamppost ahead?

May this season serve as your lamppost to a new adventure!!

(© Daune Pitman, 2005)

“Now shalt thou SEE what I will do” Ex. 6:1

{For you LOTR fans—the sword Handsome holds in the picture is the genuine King Aragorn sword from the movie—and our little one holds the genuine Frodo sting.}

Waiting {2006}

Waiting-we all do it—no matter what your age. You can’t outgrow waiting. It’s one of the hardest things we humans endure.  We are all waiting for something—if not many things. We wait in line at the grocery store, (this wait enables you to be up on where Elvis was last spotted); we wait in long lines to use the restroom, (this wait can be a brutal wait–testing true inner strength-depending on the severity of the situation); we wait to land a new job, (this wait has been known to cause insanity and bursts of temper tantrums followed by a dull stare); we wait to go to Disney World, (depending on your age – this is a wait that you thing you may not live through); we wait for our husbands to help write the year’s Christmas card, (this wait is completely futile if his name is Keith and he was up all night studying and is now sleeping so hard an explosion would not rouse him); we wait for Christmas, (this wait starts out excruciatingly long, but gets shorter as the years go by); we wait for our ship to come in, (the length of this wait completely depends on whether you are at the right port or not – so choose wisely); we wait on the Lord, (this is the king of waits—and the hardest, but definitely goes on the top of the “Worthwhile Wait” list).

We wait for vacation, we wait to move to a new location. We wait to be taller, we wait to be smaller. We wait for our next birthday, we wait to have our say. We wait for the best wait, we wait to be old enough to shave. We wait to lose our first tooth, we wait for our favorite booth. We wait for a good report, we wait for a proper retort. We wait for our hair to grow, and wait for the snow to snow. Waiting is endless. If you are alive, you do it—willingly or not. Waiting is the part between the wish and the thing.

All musicians know that the true music is found in the pauses (the waits). Without them it would not be music. If you, like us, have found yourself in a waiting place—just remember: Your waits are creating your lifesong—without them it would just be noise. 🙂

Happy Waiting!

May what is in store for you this Christmas be worth the waaaaaaaaaaiiiiiitttttttttt!

(© Daune Pitman, 2005)

Merry, Merry~

Christmas Cards {2003, 2004}

And we continue with the next couple of years….

Our Circle {2003}

Our family is a circle of Love and Strength. With every birth the circle grows. Every joy shared adds more love.

Every crisis faced together makes the Circle grow stronger. Within Our Circle we have an awesome little guy who is

The Fearless Leader—always more than willing to keep everyone “straight” and on task with the utmost of scrutiny. We also have a wonderful

girl who is always looking not at herself, but the others in the Circle to make sure they are OK and checking to see if they need anything.

And then we have a teeny powerhouse girl whom you cannot be around without being filled with joy and giggles…..the entertainer.

(Whom also needs an eye kept on her at all times!  DANGER!)

And then there are the two large people that are in Our Circle who constantly pool their best acting talents and abilities to make it look

as if they know what they are doing with the other 3 in the Circle!

From Our Circle to yours—-

May you have a blessed Christmas season full of merrymaking and fond memories!

Merry Christmas!

(© Daune Pitman, 2003)

The Road Less Traveled {2004}

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence;

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

~ Robert Frost

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, once again it……..

‘Twas the day of the Christmas picture to be;

How were we to know we had an illegal tree?

The park ranger parked alongside the road,

And around our little tree she slowly did strode.

Our Christmas picture is always full of adventures.

We promise to keep doing them even when we wear dentures.

We thought we had gotten our tree outside the park,

But in the ranger’s eyes there was quite a spark!

Once again God’s mercy and grace covered one of our stupid acts,

Even though we were just getting a tree and not passing out tracts.

The ranger gave us a smile and warned us of tics,

Then hopped into her truck and drove off into the sticks.

Now back to the reason we sent you this card—

About our favorite place—that shouldn’t be so hard.

The road less traveled is the road we choose.

If you’ve ever been on it you know you just can’t lose.

The most treasured of life’s experiences are there to be had;

Not too many choose it—and later in life are sad.

There is no rat race; in fact there are no rats to be found.

They’ve chosen the freeway instead,

Where they can run each other to the ground.

We like to smell flowers, climb trees, and fresh air—

And on the road less traveled God is ALWAYS there!

So our wish for you in the upcoming year

Is that you’ll take the road less traveled and be filled with cheer.

If you ever make the choice then your journey will start;

It will be quite an adventure that will nourish your heart!

(© Daune Pitman, 2004)

Things we’ve learned on the road less traveled:

1. The road your on looks different when you turn around.

2. If you want to find a neat hideout you have to leave the trail.

3. Where you’re going is more important than where you stand.

4. Flowers and prickly bushes grow out of the same dirt

5. Storms shake out the dead branches

6. Shortcuts aren’t always.

7. Play, don’t watch.

8.  Every time you swim out to the rock it gets a little closer.

9.  Before you roll down the hill, you should check for rocks.

10.  If you don’t run, you won’t trip—but you may never get there.

11. Don’t jump out of a tree with cardboard wings.

12.  If something is in your way, climb over it.

13.  While you’re standing there deciding whether or not to get your net—the butterfly is flying away.

14.  You don’t find snakes—they find you.

15. When you’re lost, it’s better to stand still then to follow the wrong path.

Happy Saturday~

The Tradition Continues..Christmas Cards {2000, 2001, 2002}

We have been meaning to get all of our Christmas cards in one place for years!

So, this  year we are determined to make that happen.  It might mean a few extra posts to get them all in….hope you guys don’t mind too much!

I did update the first post…with the very first picture that started it all, if you’d like to check it out.

The year 2000 began our cards that included written messages…some looney, some deep, some half and half…

but all from the heart.  From this picture onward..our cards became very special messages from us

to those we know and love.

The Nativity {2000}

[I will have to insert the text later….I’ve misplaced it and a friend from Florida will be sending it to me! ha!]

‘Twas the Night of the Christmas Picture {2001}

‘Twas the day of the Christmas

Picture to be!

We told the kids

“It’ll be fun, you’ll see!”

We had the whole family

All snuggled in bed

While visions of perfection

Danced in our heads.

With the big purple goggles

Sage would not part.

As we tried to take them

It so broke her heart.

“Where are my chocolate kisses?”

Michal said with a shout.

Her big brother reminded:

“You better not pout!”

After four pictures

Miller was done.

“Put down the camera,

And let’s have some fun!”

After one roll of film

Mom & Dad were konked out.

If they ever had any….

They had lost their clout.

When out in the stable

Full of animals and hay

The true King was born!

The first Christmas Day!

Let’s not get so caught up

In this lovely season

That we forget the meaning

Of the original reason.

Jesus was born

For you and for me.

In a manger of hay

For true wise men to see.

We’re not that far

From Bethlehem…

Where the real hope and joy

For all of us began……..

And ere God exclaimed

As to earth Jesus went:

“I love you all so much

That my son I have sent!”

(© Daune Pitman 2001)

Just Us {2002}

It’s been quite a year!

And, yes, at times we didn’t cheer.

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried,

We’ve been blessed, and we’ve been tried!

We’ve grieved and achieved,

But above all—overcomers indeed!

We’ve lost at great cost, and gained beyond measure;

But to the 5 of us each other is our biggest treasure.

You may say this year:

“Your picture has no theme, my dear?”

But before you fuss—

Because we’ve sent “Just Us”;

Look closely and see

How everyone has grown TREMENDOUSLY!

In our family we have med-school wannabees & hippies;

We’ve got ballerinas, artists, and little yippies!

We have high-maintenance dancers and musicians;

And possibly future physicians.

We yell and scream,

We gain enlightenment and beam!

We have lots of fun,

Whether there’s clouds or sun. 🙂

So, we hope you don’t mind this year,

We chose to send “Just US”, as we are, my dear.

If you’ve received this card~you are a special part;

We hold a special place for you in our heart!

We wish you TRUE “Peace, Man!” in 2003;

Open your eyes and I’m sure you’ll see~

You, too, are blessed as blessed can be!

(© Daune Pitman 2002)

Have a super weekend~

Our Christmas Cards {The Beginning}

It all started with just wanting to keep in touch with family friends that lived all over the place.

But over the years our cards have grown into something a bit more than that to us….

and hopefully the ones that receive them.

For the first couple of posts I’m just going to get the beginnings out of the way.

We just had fun taking pictures the first several years…

and putting them in a fun card and signing them.

The very first card that started it all was before handsome & I married.

It was me by myself…..

It had been a year of hard decisions.  I had to decide between several different professional performing paths, companies to sign with,

and places to live.  I had made many different changes…..and taken some big steps.  Whew!

Hence…the Fallen Angel card that started it all. {1992}

With the many difficult decisions and changes that I had made during the year…

I was feeling a bit beat up; but also excited for the new adventures that awaited.

Our very first family card was just a few weeks after Handsome & I were married.

The Recycle Mistletoe Card {1993}.

Mistletoe is how Handsome got me to kiss him for the first time.

Mistletoe can really start things…you have to be very careful with it.

Our next card was just the two of us in one of our favorite places: Vermont! {1994}

Then we have our very first Christmas at Oak Cottage. {1995}

We had just moved in and had our wonderful, new little one…just a few months old.

Then we had the Christmas Box Surprise {1996}

The next year was “Got Milk?” with our new addition…just a few weeks old. {1997}

{And yes, everyone in the pic has a milk moustache.}

Then we moved on to the Gardening Card. {1998}

{We spend a lot of time in the garden!}

Then, it was the Train Track Card.  {1999} Our son was so into train tracks….

it inspired our card for that year. So, we tied Handsome to the tracks…and panicked.

I’ll stop there for today…..because next they start getting longer; and I started writing. 🙂

Merry, Merry~