Summer Dreaming…

Today is the first day of summer….to me.

I know that the calendar says that the official first day of summer is a few weeks away, but to me…June 1 is the first day of summer!  Woohoo! I’m ready.

I’m looking forward to a fun weekend….it will be a packed-full-of-fun kind of weekend.

Tomorrow is the annual Dinner on the Grounds day hosted by the local Historical Society at a Civil War church here in our town.  I love dinner on the grounds… old-fashioned homecoming. Our whole family looks forward to it each year and we have so much fun.

After that we are headed to enjoy the NC Symphony perform at Tryon Palace….the South Lawn Series has begun for the summer! Something else we look forward to during summer. Having a lovely picnic while listening to the symphony….the perfect summer evening.

And then on Sunday…..heading to the beach. {It’s great to live so close to the beach that you can go for the day!} We are mountain people…..but we still love the beach. 🙂

In honor of the first day of summer….here are some pictures that say summer to me.

{Click on each picture for the source.}

Summer evening dinners outside…..everything tastes better!

Late afternoons on the beach…..aaaahhhhhhh

Quiet lakes and ponds….canoes, kayaks….pondering and wandering.

Path to a perfect day……

Mornings at the farmers’ market……..

Sand angels!

Books, books, and more books! Summer is for wonderful reading under a tree…

Fresh honey….

Picnics in fun places….anywhere works for a picnic!

Art on the beach…great combination.

There’s nothing better than a good road trip!

I will never outgrow swings…….

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I hope your weekend is just loverly!

Happy Summer~


Spring Wishes for Your Weekend…..

I hope you all have a wonderful spring weekend…

filled with flowers {if you don’t have a garden…I hope you will take a walk through someone else’s.}

 wonderful spring breezes….{a picnic, maybe?}

 or possibly a nice bike ride?

 And a nice open window to sit beside….

 Whatever you do this weekend I hope it is pure joy!

{Click on each picture for the source}

A Lovely Day……

A couple of weeks ago Handsome and I took off

on a little road trip to spend the day at

Tryon Palace… was the annual spring

Heritage Plant Sale.

This is one of my favorite spots in the palace gardens…..

And, of course, where there is clover…

Handsome always finds a four-leaf one!

Here is the South Lawn….the back of the palace.

We spend several nights here in the summer

at the South Lawn Series…..having a picnic

and listening to the NC Symphony.

This is the potager {kitchen garden} of my dreams!

Love these onions…..

and poppies……..

The houses in this historic town are hundreds of years old.

Being in a coastal town most of the men use to be sailors, fishermen, etc.

So the majority of the houses have widow’s walks:

These special little platform porches on the tops of houses

allowed the wives to go out each day to look over the seas

to see if she could see her husband coming home.

They’ve taken such good care of history in this town.

And you know in any good historic town…..there are

wonderful antiques and flea markets.

Here are my two favorite flags flying together!

Have you taken any fun day trips lately?

If not…I hope you plan a fun day trip soon!

Have a great weekend~

Tea Towels + Plant Markers

It’s Wednesday..

where is the week going!?

I thought I would take a moment to share

a few of the items that we just added in

our etsy shop…..since

there is still time to use the discount code:


for 20% your entire purchase through April 30.

I have had lots of fun making these

new Tea Towels for the shop

{*ahem* and for us here at home! :)}

I love flour sack towels….

and I’ve printed these with vintage advertisements,

some European and some American.

There are seven different prints.

Just click on each picture to be taken to the listing & info.

The European Tea Towel is included in the

Super Giveaway that ends on Friday!

I couldn’t decide which was my favorite……

so we have one of each around here!

Those of you that have been around here

for a while know we like to repurpose old, vintage

shutters into fun things… this.

So, we came up with another idea and

used some old, vintage shutters to make these fun

Chalkboard Garden Markers.

You can write on them with any chalk or chalk pen.

So, what do you think?

 Some more fun stuff will be coming soon…..


Friday Favorites……

For the weekend….

some of my favorites that I’ve come across lately.

I’m loving the wonderful spring weather we are having…

and I have a thing for nests!

Hot Cross Buns!

Fun printables for Easter gifts….

The wonderful spring wind….

Dying and decorating eggs….

I hope you weekend is full of springtime!

Pine Tree Crosses….Easter is Coming!

I blogged about this as one of my first blog posts almost a year ago.

Have you guys noticed the Pine Tree Crosses starting to form?

For those that weren’t with us last year……

In the spring, around Easter, pine trees shoot up a ‘sprout’ at the end of each branch

that turns into a cross each year.

We were outside yesterday and I noticed that the pine trees

in our neighborhood had begun their sprouts.  Right now it is

just the one shoot….but within the next few weeks

crossbars will appear.

Isn’t that neat…even the pine trees know that it’s Easter?

We’ve been watching this happen ever since our children

were very small….and to this day beginning in March

they are always looking out the windows of the car

as we ride down the road….

Searching for the Pine Tree Crosses.

So far there hasn’t been a pine tree in which we haven’t been able

to find them….the picture above is a large-leaf/long-leaf pine;

but they also appear on the smaller white pines and other pine trees.

Head on out and check out your pine trees…..

let me know what you find!

Happy Wednesday~

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