Monday Randomness…..

We spent the weekend cleaning out our shed in the  yard.

We will need a U-haul to get all the clean out to the

landfill.  Oh dear.

So, I’m fried….and feeling very random today. ha!

If you dare….step into my randomness……

I’ve admired the French baking racks and stands at

Panera for a very long time.

I asked the manager where they purchased them

and that I would love to find them.

A few weeks later {last week}

when I was in there…the manager

walked up to me and handed me this:

yep….one of the French baking racks/stands.

He said they were changing how they display and would

be cleaning them out and I could have it! Woohoo!

I’m excited.

Last week at Chik-Fil-A

I found this lovely heart-shaped pickled

in my sandwich. A little Godwink, I think. 😉

We made some fun Easter eggs last week…

and later this week I’m going to share how we did it,

and some other fun egg-decorating ideas.

I love antique hotel silver.

I collect it.

It makes me happy.

What do you collect that makes you happy?

You know it is time to spring clean…

and that your house is super dirty

when your daughter has to wear a helmet

to do her chores.

A cute, subtle reminder…don’t you think?

Love her sense of humor.

OK…you have lived through my Monday Randomness.

I’ll be back on track later. {Maybe?}

Hope your Monday is fabulous!

Today I am Thankful for:

~ antique hotel silver…and those that saved it

~ a fun daughter’s sense of humor

~ the lovely weather for the weekend

~ new growth popping out all over

~ a new week full of possibilities

~ another daughter’s beatiful command performance {violin} at the Historic Tryon Palace yesterday


Monday Thankfuls & Some Explaining…..

My alarm clock woke me up this morning with the 1943 version of

“Beautiful Dreamer”.

What a great way to start the week!

{I love the 1940’s…I think I was born too late!}

Well….we got all of the pine straw out,

and a few other things done in the yard.

It added the woo to my hoo….

I have laughed and laughed at some of the inquiries

I’ve received about ‘putting out pine straw’.

I should have explained myself….

but instead I regionalized myself! ha!

We have a large English cottage garden which must

be mulched lightly in the autumn and heavily in the spring.

Living here in the Southeast US….using wood chips

is not very wise.  It is so humid and hot here…wood chips draw every

termite from miles away!  So, we mulch our gardens with pine straw.

And a southern way of saying that is:

“Putting out pine straw” 😉


Funny….I googled that phrase and it only appears on southern

blogs and businesses.  hahahahaha!

So….we spent the weekend mulching our garden with

pine straw….which is pine needles from pine trees.

It takes about 50 bales of pine straw to cover all of

our gardens.  Whew! That’s a lot of ‘putting out’.

I hope your weekend was great….

we did manage to get in some fun bike rides

and 4-leaf clover hunts.

Handsome is the 4-leaf-clover finding king!

He found four yesterday…and one 5-leaf.

Are you getting ready to spring clean?  Head on over

to Shannon & Dean’s blog, {aka} Design, for a great

printable Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Happy Monday to you~

Today I am thankful for:

~ bike rides on beautiful days

~ nicely padded bike seats

~ 4-leaf clover

~ time in the garden

~ family working together

~ blog readers who leave fun comments

~ spring!

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Do You Know Mrs. Meyers?

The mantel and clock are now in place and next week I will show you the progress of the living room re-do!  Yippee–it has officially begun!

Amidst trying to start the living room project and being distracted with daydreaming of where I’d rather be—we’ve been trying to have a major cleaning week around here.  I love having a clean home—just don’t really always enjoy the cleaning part.  I also love for my home to smell wonderful.  {I’m all about smells over here.  *ahem* GOOD smells, that is.  Perfume, pot pourri, room spray, lotions, cleaning supplies—you name it, if it’s good, I like it!}  I love the fact that when people come into our home they almost always say “Your house always smells so good.  What is it?”  And I always reply:  “Why, it’s me, of course!”  bwahhahaha  *just kidding*

I love Mrs. Meyers cleaning supplies—not only do they work, but your home smells WONDERFUL after using them.  My two favorite fragrances are Basil and Geranium.  {Geranium confuses me.  It smells really good, but nothing like a geranium. ???}  I also like the fact that they are all-natural—no chemicals, etc.  I was able to feel comfortable with my children using them even when they were very young.  Be sure to check it out—quite often I can find Mrs. Meyers in grocery stores (definitely Whole Foods, Fresh Market, etc.); but I have even found them in TJ Maxx for a steal!  Let me know what you think if you give it a try.  {By the way:  Mrs. Meyer’s doesn’t know me.  She has never been to my house to tell me how great it smells. And she has no idea that I am sharing with you today one of my favorite cleaning products that happens to be hers. :)}

Covered in dust~

Cleaning Out the Clutter…

At the start of this year I had the overwhelming urge to purge!  Not just in my home {closets, rooms, etc.} but in my daily personal life.  When taking a look at all the clutter that makes it into my day, my soul, my thoughts, my spirit—-time it was to clean out!  I had let negative thoughts take over hopeful ones. I had let unnecessary worries and tasks zap my energy. I had said ‘yes’ to things that I meant to say ‘no’ to {Whoa, that is so not like me–where did THAT come from?} I was surprised at all the clutter that was lying around my personal shelves.  Hmmmm.  Some of the things that I was doing—my heart was really not in them at all. How did that happen?  How did all these things/clutter make it in?  I don’t remember putting them there.

Well, it didn’t happen overnight—that’s for sure. I realized I will need to be a more diligent guard of my heart if I want to clean up.  More diligent about seeking out what it is God wants to use to decorate my heart, soul, and day. I’ve been working on it since January. It’s slowly coming along.  I wish it could have been as quick as deciding to de-clutter areas and rooms in my home.  Like this area—granted this picture was taken at Christmas {always extra stuff around then}, but it had ended up being a too-cluttered, hard to use space in our home.  And not only that, it was the first thing people see when they walk in the front door!  Oh my! NOT a good representative of our home.

I spent just one evening paring down and de-cluttering and re-organizing.  Wow!  What a difference.

I wonder……..what is the first thing people see when they look at me or spend time with me? Do they see a cluttered, hard-to-use person? Too busy with busy-ness? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Negative? Is what they see a good representative of who I am/who I am meant to be? I would rather them see a peaceful, useable, hope-filled, inspiring, full of love person that has been ‘decorated’ with the fruits of the spirit.

*sigh* It’s going to take longer than an evening on that one, I think……….but it’s coming along, thanks to much grace.

What’s your clutter?

Things I am thankful for today:


playing outside all day

Saturday morning crumbs on the floor

a son that likes to hang out with me

a movie worthy of seeing

ferocious hope

kids out of breath from fun

inspiring magazines and artwork

multi-colored sunset

counting the birds with our kids

watching our kids’ minds work

time in the porch swing


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Storms Are For Clearing Out Dead Branches….

Today I have been cleaning our yard of all the broken, dead branches that the weekend storm brought down from the tall oaks here at Oak Cottage.  There are so many of those dead branches that we have tried and tried to get out of the trees, but to no avail.

The only thing that will bring those big, dead branches down is a storm.

How I am so much like these tall oaks.

I have so many dead branches that need to be cleaned out!  The storms in my life are being used to clean out my dead wood.  I have dead branches that will not come out any other way—no matter how hard I may try on my own to remove them.

So, as I clean up the yard today–I am reminded how I am being cleaned up too!  Some of my dead branches right now?




Still being a part of things {even though they are good things!} that it’s time to let go…….

As I thank God for the storm this past weekend that brought down all that ugly dead wood in our trees—-I thank God for the ugly dead wood He is removing from my life!  Woohoo!

Picking up sticks~