Easter Egg Trees…..

Do you have any Easter decorations that are traditions?

I grew up collecting special ornaments to add

to our Easter Egg tree each year.

Those ornaments have now been passed on to me

and we still have fun adding to them each year.

Many years ago we gathered branches from

the woods, put them in a terra cotta pot

with cement poured into it.

Then, we spray painted the whole shebang white.

The weight of the cement anchors the tree

and keeps it from falling over once you put all

the decorations on it.

Some of my favorite decorations were brought to

me from Holland each year…from a close friend.

They are my favorites.

Hand-painted wooden eggs, bunnies, etc.

Some other fun Easter decorations that I love

are these vintage paper mache eggs.

I came across several of them this  year

and I think I am going to fill them with

fun treats and give them to my lovely middle

school girls’ Bible study next week.

I think will like them!

A new addition to our decorations this year

is this little guy….I saw him in Pottery Barn a few

weeks ago…and giggled so much I just knew I had

to have him! A knit bunny wine bottle topper!

We don’t drink wine…but we do have lots

of sparkling cider, so

there he sits.  I giggle every time I pass by.

Isn’t it a hoot?

Do you decorate for Easter or have any special

Easter traditions that you would like to pass along?

Hope your week is off to a great start~

Today I am thankful for:

~ bunny toppers that make me giggle

~ a fun few days working in the yard with Handsome

~ birdsong in the morning

~ thunderstorms at night

~ grace

Sharing with:  Jennifer Rizzo


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