Today I am climbing up on 20 ft. scaffolding to paint the crazy green Tall Wall in the living room! Pray for me!  I’ve never been scared of heights–in fact the only thing I can remember being scared of is pumpkins. {I’ll have to elaborate more on that later…..childhood trauma, ya know.}  But last night when I went up to patch the ceiling, and for a test run, it was eery.  There’s no rails—-and the platform is skinny.  eeeeekkkkkkkk!

BUT, at the end of this day the green Tall Wall will be no more!  It will be the lovely new shade of HGTV’s Accessible Beige. {As creative as they are over at HGTV—I’m thinking they could have come up with a better name; BUT, nevertheless, whatever it’s called it is what looks best on the Tall Wall—so here we go!}

I’m also working on a few special projects for the August Point of View feature with some other bloggers.  I was asked to be a featured blogger for August–working on some back-to-school ideas.  In the works are some fun ideas for older kids–to celebrate and head back to the books.  The feature will come out at the end of the month—I’ll keep you updated.

For this Monday—before beginning the big living room redo projects–here’s some things I’m very grateful for:

~ safety up on that crazy scaffolding thingy

~ antiquing with Handsome on Saturday

~ finding fun vintage books to use for the living room redo this week

~ Saturday rain! {and getting caught in it w/ Handsome :)}

~ the maturity of my children–seen so much over the past weeks

~ provision-always

~ stream of fun ideas–fueling hopes

~ encouragement

~ goals accomplished

Happy Monday to you!









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