It’s Been A Great Week….

It’s been a wonderful week….we have one more day full of master classes, and then an evening of wonderful concerts.  I hope you guys have had a wonderful week.

Now…onto a big weekend.  It’s Handsome and #1 Son’s birthdays!

birthday weekend


One will be 17……and the other one will be, well, *ahem*, not 17}

I’m looking forward to celebrating them and making them feel special.

Aren’t they cute?


and #1 Son

 Who now looks like this…..

Can someone explain to me when this happened? The whole thing of from one picture to the next has just gone to fast! He’s being featured tonight in a Mozart piece with the whole orchestra backing him up……I remember when we were working on “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”!

We having a fun adventure for their birthdays this weekend….I’ll let ya know about it….

Have a great one~


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